Temperature and Humidity monitoring with Arduino

Temperature and Humidity monitoring with Arduino Years ago, I bought an Arduino Uno and an Ethernet Shield to play around with. It was laying in my cabinet, buried underneath many other things. As I am working more and more in my office at home, I wanted to monitor the temperature and humidity in there. Also to check the different “climate zones” in my house, I was curious to see how the temperature in different rooms change over time.

Raspberrypi Feature Matrix

RasperryPi Feature Matrix This post contains a feature matrix of all RaspberryPis including the famous single board computers as well as the micro controller boards. Introduction When searching for a micro controller to use for a simple thermometer, I was also taking a look at the Raspberry Pi Pico. Having used a RaspberryPi 3+ and 4 already, I took a look at the micro controllers. Unfortunately the RasperryPi products page does not contain a feature matrix.